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….So says the UK National Lottery. We cannot promise to make you a millionaire but we have some free prizes which are worth more than money. Mummysnowboarder has teamed up with Monty the Marmot and together we are opening a series of photographic competitions which will run throughout the season. Here at Mummysnowboarder we celebrate all things snowboarding and family, and Monty helps introduce young children to the snowy world where we parents love to play.

What can you win?

  • Mummysnowboarder Tee for the kids
  • Mummysnowboader Tee for Mum
  • Monty goes Skiing book
  • Plus some stickers


What is the competition? As a prelude to the start of 2015/16 we are launching the competition with a submission of your Favourite Family Photo from Last Season 2014/15.

What you need to do? Submit your selected photo via:

If you’re entering by email please include your contact details and address so we can send prizes quickly. If you’re entering via Twitter or Instagram we’ll be in touch via private message to take your contact details, so no need to post them publicly.

What is the deadline? Get your best pic into us by 30 November 2015 when we will select the winner who will be announced on social media. Please note one submission per person, and that by submitting your photos you consent to photos being shared on social media.

Monty Goes Skiing is aimed at 3-6 year olds as this is the earliest age that most ski schools will start to teach youngsters. It introduces the little ones to what to expect from a winter holiday and can set them up for a long career in the mountains whether that be skiing or snowboarding. As a snowboarding parent of a skiing child the crossover between the two disciplines continues to blur with many people proficient in both. Hell, even Monty’s friend, Big D (the Big Ski Shop owner in the book) is a snowboarder! Checkout for further information.

Mummysnowboarder wants to inspire mums to continue or take up snowboarding once children arrive and encourage successful family winter holidays. Our motto is “Live life to the full, love your family and be happy snowboarding”. We cover all number of topics from when children should start snowboarding, how to get back on your board after having a baby and how does it work with having both a skiing child and a snowboarding child in one family?

Although snow has started to fall on the highest Alpine mountains the season has not started in earnest. Anticipation and excitement for the forthcoming season abounds, so why not dig out your photos and be part of the building momentum and bag some booty for yourself and the kids. We may not make you a millionaire but the kids will be prepared for the mountains and you’ll have some new threads; what more do you need for a happy winter holiday?!

Ta Ta For Now