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The Big Day is almost upon us. Have you and the children been good? Will Santa bring what you want? Or maybe you are waiting for the sales to start in the immediate post-Christmas rush to bag a bargain. It is certainly too late for internet shopping to arrive before the twenty-fifth, but a last minute dash to the high street is possible and the early sales have already started for some retailers. If you are saving all your pennies for the annual snowboarding trip you may want to give yourself a little treat rather than a huge, stonking, big one! So checkout the ideas below for you and the kids, and in true Christmas-stylee there are 12 items to tickle your fancy.

  1. Snowboots: everyone needs warm toasty toes whilst tramping through the snow. Whether the ‘wee-ones’ are making a snowman or you’re indulging in après warm feet will make everything so much more pleasurable.
  1. Buff: a small, light essential which does not cost a fortune but stops the snow and cold wind whistling down your neck. They come in great colours, and some are fleecy for that extra snuggly warmth.
  1. Beanie: the ubiquitous snowboarder’s hat which any serious rider must have in their wardrobe. The choice is staggering and it makes a great present for all no matter age or gender.
  1. Socks: a boring present if they are an everyday item but not if they are designed specifically for snowboarding. These can make such a big difference to your day: warm, supported feet equal happy, healthy feet. And shhhh – I have even given some as a present to a good friend this Christmas. Just don’t tell her.
  1. Gloves: a decision has to be made here – will it be gloves or mittens? Gloves will P1010356give you more dexterity but mittens mean warmer fingers. Personally I love mittens but my daughter has asked for gloves this season. She says mittens are babyish; I guess that’s me told.
  1. DVD: so many to choose from for either yourself or your other half. Popular choices include the Jeremy Jones trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher and Travis Rice’s The Art of Flight but there are many others too. Looking for some inspirational women checkout Stance produced in 2009 with an all-female crew.
  1. Tool: every self-respecting rider needs one of these to adjust their bindings as and when needed, whether on the mountain or at home before setting out for the day. Get one before you need one!
  1. Phone protective cover: if you want to stay connected whilst on the piste but want to ensure your expensive smartphone will not be affected by the cold and potentially wet environment invest in one for yourself or your loved ones. Have a look at LifeProof.
  1. Sledge: for the big kid in you, or your little ones, what a great way to enjoy the snow. Do not wait until the snow starts falling in the UK as the superstores will sell out fast; invest now for that smug feeling when all your friends moan that they cannot get hold of one.
  1. Sunglasses: a necessity rather than a luxury but one which can be a great addition to your snowboarding wardrobe. Fashion changes as do the shape of sunglasses but the need to protect your eyes, or the kids’ eyes, does not.
  1. Water bottle: you maybe able to make do with a plastic water bottle you have recycled but the children could do with something more robust. The last thing you want is a wet child after their bottle has burst when falling over on the slope. Get a funky, small bottle to slip inside their jacket pocket particularly for the warmer spring weather.
  1. Cool T-shirt: the choice is yours be it long-sleeved, short sleeved, multi-coloured, branded, home-made, thermal or something for the little-uns.

For those last minute presents or early sales checkout Trespass, Surfdome, Cotswold and TSA (The Snowboard Asylum).

It really just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry ‘White’ Christmas.

May the snow gods look down on us all kindly, and I hope all the presents under the tree are the ones you and your loved ones put on your list.

Enjoy the festivities,