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We have waved 2015 well and truly goodbye and welcomed in 2016. It is traditional at this time of year to reflect on the past and think about goals for the future. Did you achieve what you wanted to in the last 12 months? Most of us think about goals in terms work and career, but how many of us think about goals in relation to our snowsport passion? Most of our ideas about what we want to do are focused around progression of skills, so maybe you want to nail a particular trick, learn to ride powder or hike in the back-county. Perhaps you have aspirations about starting to snowboard or travelling to a particular country to pursue your passion, or maybe it’s finally getting your kids on the snow. Whatever it is, these points below may help you achieve what you want in 2016.

  1. Clarity: make sure you have a really clear understanding of what you want to achieve, and a vision board is extremely useful to help remind you about your goals and keep you focused. If it is a country you wish to travel to have an inspirational photo of the place you where you wish to go; something which you are drawn to and excites you. If it is powder you want to ride then get a photo of off-piste nirvana and pin in to your board.
  1. Be specific: put numbers against what it is you want to achieve and by what date. If you want the kids to ski or snowboard is that all your children or those that are older or show more interest? Think about where you want them to learn: home or abroad? Who is going to teach them? Be as specific as you can as this will help you execute the plan to achieve your goal.
  1. Desire: how much do you want this goal? Are you willing to sacrifice the purchase of new clothes and going out so you can save for that special trip? Are you willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to feel the fear and do it anyway when you face that kicker or box rail that you have fallen off umpteen times?
  1. Support: who can help you achieve your goals? We all need guides and mentors and people who believe in us. Who can help you get where you want to be? Maybe it’s parents who can help with babysitting the kids whilst you get some slope time, or maybe it’s an instructor who can teach you the skills and pass on their knowledge to enable you to dial-in that 360.

Last year in my post Inspiration for 2015 I spoke about my determination to obtain my BASI level one snowboarding qualification, but despite my best efforts I missed out. Every week-long UK course clashed with other commitments, and as I had started a new work contract I had to make some tough choices. I also wanted to get more experience riding powder snow, particularly on steeper terrain, but again I was thwarted; the snow-gods did not deliver and in early January no powder was to be found. Although I was disappointed I am clear about what I want and why. I am about to head off to the French Alps and snow has been falling, with a metre predicted by the time I arrive, so I will be riding powder this holiday. I have also identified the week I want to do my BASI level one (‘im indoors knows so had better be ready to pick up the childcare mantle) plus I have it marked on the calendar. Sometimes timescales shift but by being clear about my goals I know it will happen.

So what are you going to do in 2016? Get ready and hang on as the next 12 months could be just the year you achieve your dreams and goals by being clear and specific, using your identified support of friends, family and professionals, and by channelling that desire to get what you want out of your snowsport passion. See you on the snow.

Happy New Year.