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I am a forty-something mother with a passion for snowboarding. Many women reduce or even stop some activities they used to do after they have children. This can be due to pressure from family and friends, wider society or just purely practical reasons of reduced income, being tired and a change of interests. However, after I had my daughter I actually started taking snowboarding more seriously. I realised time is finite and it was something I really wanted to master. It gave me precious time away to be me, rather than wife and mother. Snowboarding mothers are in the minority and as such, much of the internet and as well as more traditional resources, do not focus on things which would be of interest to us. So if you want to know:

  • how young can kids start to snowboard?
  • how can I get back on my board after years away?
  • should I take grandparents along to help on holidays?
  • how do I get fit?
  • what’s the best way to get to the Alps?
  • should we try Europe or go all out for North America with little ones?

Look no further, as I shall be covering all these topics this season and more. If you want to get to the snow, be on the snow, enjoy the snow either for yourself or your family stay tuned and get stoked. Live life to the full, love your family and be happy snowboarding……