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We are now passed mid-January, so you’ll have done one of a few things regarding your New Year resolutions:

  • abandoned them (they were unrealistic anyway);
  • completely forgotten what they were (you were inebriated);
  • on track embracing your new goals (well done you);
  • never had any in the first place (you never get involved in reflection and make future plans).

For some inspiration and a bit of fun I have some snowboarding/ wintersport ideas which you can take on for the 2017 winter season.

  1. Kyrgyzstan heliboarding photo is on my vision board

    Kyrgyzstan heliboarding photo is on my vision board

    Photos: have a photo of yourself in a place you have always wanted to visit or get a photo of the location and place it somewhere prominent to remind you to book that trip.

  1. Give back: do something nice for others and help those less fortunate than yourself. A couple of snow-based charities include Snow-Camp and Disability Snowsport.
  1. Make a new ‘snowboarding buddy’: whether it’s chatting to a stranger on the chairlift or attending a course or camp, new people give us inspiration and a fresh perspective.
  1. Face your fears: what is it that scares you silly but you have always thought you’d love to do? Is it ride that gnarly line which you have scoped from the gondola or maybe visit the park and try your first kicker.
  1. Try a new snowsport: what about taking up two planks instead of one (or vice versa)? Perhaps have a crack at ice skating or cross-country skiing.
  1. Care for your body: most snowboarders I know (me included) will push through physical issues to get their snow fix. Whether it’s a regular massage to ease those aching muscles or instigating a fitness regime, now is the time to look after yourself.
  1. Read a good book: feed your mind as well as the body. If you cannot be on the slopes physically, you can be there in spirit. Some suggestions include, Pretty Good for a Girl by Tina Basich, Snowdrift by Lisa McGonigle and War and Piste by Alex Thomas.

Whatever you do this season, whether you return to regular resorts, ride familiar runs or push out of your comfort zone and stomp that new trick, have fun. Live a great winter, love your snowboarding and be happy. Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” so go to it……

Happy New Year.

Ta ta for now,