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As the New Year approaches it is human nature to reflect on the past 12 months thinking about what you have achieved or experienced alongside those things you have not managed to do. What have you learned about yourself and what do you want to accomplish in 2015?

Davos train stationSpecifically thinking about snowboarding I have realised my romantic dream of arriving in a ski resort by train, mastered a t-bar and ridden steeper off-piste terrain. I had always wanted to arrive by rail as I think there is something quite magical arriving on transport from a bygone golden age. The gradual change in scenery from the industrial city to the fairy-tale majestic mountains is beautiful. T-bars were not something I had come across much in France, so even after all these years I was still a ‘t-bar virgin’ but this last year I had my cherry popped in Switzerland. The steeper off-piste experience was not particularly enjoyable, and I was not successful with several falls and scary moments, but at least I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried it.

This year I have several things I want to try, but before I write about these have you thought about your goals for 2015? It is useful to think about:

  1. What you read? Are there magazines, books or information on the internet
    Christmas present from 'im indoors

    Christmas present from ‘im indoors

    you regularly look at or even subscribe to? There are several snowboarding magazines such as The Reason, Whitelines, Daily Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Magazine and Cooler which can be accessed online. Do you read motivational or inspirational books such as Live Your Dreams by Les Brown or Goals! by Brian Tracy?

  1. Who you associate with? They say we are the average of the five people we associate with the most, meaning that we are hugely influenced by those with whom we spend the majority of our time. Are those closest to you the ones who share your dreams and aspirations about snowboarding? Do they encourage and inspire you? Can they help you attain your snowboarding dream and can they share the joy in your experiences? Not everyone you associate with is likely to be a snow sports enthusiast but you do need someone who shares your passion to keep you stoked and striving for better.
  1. Who or what inspires you? People, places or things that motivate you to do more than you thought possible are to be sought out and encouraged. They will tempt you to move out of your comfort zone to try something new. Maybe it is those who you see performing amazing tricks, perhaps it is magnificent scenery or possibly someone who achieves something special such as Jenny Jones at the Olympics last year, or the grandmother who started snowboarding the other side of seventy.

In 2015 I want to obtain my BASI level one snowboarding qualification which I have been trying to do for 18 months. In the past whenever I got close to booking it some life experience popped up which meant I had to postpone the course. It was frustrating but I have kept focused and am determined that 2015 will see me achieve my ambition. I also have a long-term dream to go heli-boarding but to do this I need to be more proficient and skilled in off-piste terrain and after last season’s experience I still have a long way to go! But by continuing with small steps and getting more experience I will get closer to my long-term goal.

So what do you want to achieve in 2015? What are you going to do to help yourself? Who is going to help you achieve your aim? How are you going to remain focused? Whilst you are thinking about the answers watch this clip to get inspired.

Happy New Year and happy snowboarding days,