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A chance for escapism, entertainment or education; we’ve all listened to podcasts for whatever reason. They’re great for a long distance journey, be it car, train or coach (although not much of that recently), and helping to pass the time whilst ironing or as company on a walk. My favourite adventure podcast is Looking Sideways, focusing on action sports including snowboarding. But being a guest is a whole different ball game.

As a self-published author, there is no publishing house marketing department to help get the message out there. This means that I have to become a marketer as well as a writer, seeking out opportunities to promote my book. The more people who read it, the more people I can support whether as snowboarding newbies or readers who are wanting to push beyond their comfort zone. This meant stepping out of my own comfort zone; always good to practice what you preach!

Over the last six months, I have appeared on three podcasts; all different, all with audiences who could benefit from my experience and all recorded in slightly different ways.

  1. Content Marketing Studio: this was a zoom call with Pascal Fintoni, a video expert, who would broadcast our conversation as a video. He focused on how to write a book as part of his Content Marketing Studio series. This was probably my scariest one, as it was my first time as a guest. In the heat of the moment, I wasn’t sure if I’d forget what I wanted to say; my heart was pounding hard, just before we started, and I always get a nervous bladder and want the toilet. Fortunately, Pascal was very experienced, I was in safe hands. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew past, and I felt elated and relieved, at the end – I had survived! You can watch and listen to the interview here.

2. Mind Body Travel: a new podcast developed during lockdown exploring mental wealth and travel. I talk about how snowboarding can help people step out of their comfort zone whilst maintaining their confidence, and look at family friendly resorts. Although this was recorded online, and I could see the hosts, Lizzie and Colin, Travel Counsellors, only the audio was broadcast. This was also edited so any ‘urm’s and ah’s’ could be stripped out of the final episode. You can listen here.

3. Demystifying Mental Toughness: sports and exercise psychologist, David Charlton, talks to athletes and professionals about what they do to reach their potential. And I chatted with David about learning to snowboard in my thirties as a new mum, and how I coped with all the challenges that were thrown my way (Why Snowboarding Is a Metaphor For Life – episode 46). Prior to the interview, he gave me some questions which helped shape my thoughts and allowed me to prepare. This interview was only 30 minutes so I had to be succinct – no blathering on! You can listen here.

Lessons learned

  • Listen to previous episodes; so much to learn and discover plus helping you to understand the audience and how to present to them.
  • Always be prepared; think about the stories you want to share and how it relates to the hosts’ audience.
  • Expect the unexpected: Pascal asked me a fun quiz at the end, and I really had to thick quickly to give coherent answers!
  • Ask the host:
    • what is expected of you?
    • how long is the episode?
    • how will the podcast be aired?
    • how many listeners do they have?
    • can they share any of the episode statistics with you?
    • will they share their questions beforehand?
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone can be thrilling, even if it’s a bit scary.
  • Podcast hosts are very good at putting people at ease, and they know how to get the best out of their guests. You need to put your trust in them; they want you to give their listeners the best you have to offer. And remember, this isn’t an exam. 

Despite my trepidation, I found that I loved talking to all the hosts, and I would most certainly consider appearing on other podcasts. If you ever get a chance to feature, and it feels a right fit, do it. Life is short, listen for doors opening and seize opportunities. 

If anyone is looking for a podcast guest, I like talking about confidence, pushing beyond comfort zones, particularly for women, and writing your first book, please email me, . Plus, if you’d like to work on your confidence, I share lots of tips in Take It All On Board.

Ta, ta, for now.