To buy or not to buy……new gear.

My secondhand Burton Feather board cost less than my gloves

My secondhand Burton Feather board cost less than my gloves!

Have you had the emails dropping into your inbox telling you about new clothing and equipment for the forthcoming season? Maybe you have been seduced by social media when you have scrolled through your Twitter feed. Perhaps it’s been the more traditional magazine adverts which have lured you into considering some new purchases. Either way it is unlikely you have not noticed that 2015/16 product is about to hit the shops and online stores as well as the forthcoming snowboard/ ski shows. Have you been tempted by the techy-talk of snowboard construction or is it the cool graphics which have caught your eye? Before you put your hand in your pocket or click on that checkout icon have you considered the following?

Claire and her Nitro 'museum piece'

Claire and her Nitro ‘museum piece’

Is your equipment or clothing still fit for purpose? Just how old is your stuff? Remember that technology moves fast and chances are if you have a snowboard over 10 years old it should be in a museum rather than on a slope. A friend of mine had an old Nitro board and when it had its inaugural outing in the park she wondered why she found it such hard work; examining how stiff it was she should have been ironing on it rather than riding it! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and update yourself so you can have more fun.

Hubby's scarred 1995 Burton Iguchi

Hubby’s scarred 1995 Burton Iguchi

If your gear is broken, is it repairable? We all get dings from time to time but these can be fixed unless you have a catastrophic, deep gouge out of your board. As always my husband is the exception to the rule as he rode his old Burton board five years after he was told it was un-rideable.

How much will it cost to repair broken equipment or clothing? My snowboarding jacket, which is at least six years old, ripped along the seams last season. It could have been a good excuse to get a new one, but I resisted and, on recommendation from a friend, found a great repair service (Scottish Mountain Gear) which cost much less than a new jacket would have done. However, there does come a point where it is more cost effective to invest in the new rather than repair the old.

How important is it for you to have on-trend items? Fashion is not just for the catwalk if you believe the marketing hype around the snowsport clothing business. Trends change over time regarding colours, patterns and fit but essentially all you need is comfortable, waterproof threads. For some of us though looking up-to-the-minute is all part of the scene, but that is an expensive pastime and you may need to consider the next question.

How much spare cash do you have? Have you got enough savings or money left at the end of the month to allow you to indulge in new product purchases? If you need to update safety equipment or your snowboard pants are no longer waterproof then you can justify the expense but if it’s just a whim then you might think differently.

My new beloved Roxy XOXO

My new beloved Roxy XOXO

How much do you really, really, really want that equipment or clothing? Sometimes we just want something because we want an updated look or we get seduced by the glossy photos. I decided I really wanted a new snowboard as my DC Biddy board, although fun to ride, was not great at holding an edge in icy conditions. After advice from Tammy Esten at MINT Snowboarding I bought a Roxy XOXO which I got in the Surfdome sale. It was not essential that I had a new snowboard but after riding it at my local fridge (Snozone at Castleford) I have not regretted the purchase. It is like going from a beginner pony to a thoroughbred racehorse; I cannot wait to get onto a mountain.

We live in a throw-away society and it is tempting sometimes to discard items when, with a bit of effort and minimal cost, we can continue using our gear. If you are determined to get something new then checkout Snow and Rock, TSA, Two Seasons and The Reason’s Snowboard Buyer’s Guide 2016 which is just out. But remember do you really, really, really need that product or are you falling for the latest marketing? Whatever you do enjoy the shred, be safe and have fun whether you are in old gear or new.

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4 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy……new gear.

  1. cormac

    Buying new gear is a VERY important part of the build-up to the season, for me. I buy gear, not because I need it, but because I want to get the feeling the season is approaching. I’m actually stuck for something to buy this year, I can’t think of anything else I need. Right next to me on the desk is, completely unnecessary, gear I managed to fool myself into believing I needed, including a slefie pole, a lanyard, and one of those slow-turning turntables for the sweeping time-lapse videos on the GoPro.


    1. katemackay25 Post author

      I totally understand where you are coming from on this one; it is all part of the building excitement and anticipation. We’ve all been there! At least you should be able to get some good photos and video shots. How about subscribing to a snowboard mag (if you don’t already) as I find that feeds the inner snowboarding-beast on a monthly basis? Have a great season 🙂


  2. Dark Adrenaline

    There is a lot of Marketing gimmicks with especially boards and bindings. I’ve fallen in love with my board, and would need a serious reason to get a new one. As for clothing, I think you can always use another hoodie or maybe a beanie to layer up with right? It’s a cheaper form of retail therapy!


    1. katemackay25 Post author

      There certainly are a lot of marketing gimmicks and we’ve all fallen for them from time to time – sometimes intentionally as we fool ourselves into believing it because we really want something. Most of the time that is fine but it’s when the shopping gets out of hand and we spend more than we should. I like the idea of the layers of a beanie and a hoodie though – as you rightly say it’s a cheaper option.



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